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Daniel Knorr

Canvas Sculptures

blank down GALERIE nächst ST STEPHAN
 14.11.2020 - 16.01.2021


Daniel Knorr, born 1968 in Bucharest, Romania, lives in Bucharest.
Knorr has become a well-known figure in Vienna since his installation “Explosion” in front of the Kunsthalle Wien at Karlsplatz generated much publicity in 2012, as did his works shown in the group exhibitions “Reflecting Fashion” in the MUMOK and “At Your Service. Art and Labour” in the Technische Museum (in cooperation with the Erste Foundation) and on Museumsplatz.
Daniel Knorr will be our upcoming solo show at the Gallery.

Canvas Sculptures (Vegas in Miami), 2020
pigmented polyurethane, UV resistant, 152 x 120 x 23 cm

Canvas Sculptures (Klee Swirl), 2020,
pigmented polyurethane, UV resistant, 153 x 115 x 15 cm

Photo Courtesy Galerie nächst St. Stephan Rosemarie Schwarzwälder