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Planetary Skins

Sylvia Eckermann, Gerald Nestler

 27.05. - 03.06.2023

Performance: 27. Mai 2023, 19 Uhr

PLANETARY SKINS explores the materiality of the real and the digital. Configuring an osmotic skin between virtual and physical spaces, the art project explores the potentials, ambivalences, and conflicts induced by hybrid forms of presence.
In this first experimental realization, PLANETARY SKINS presents a prototype that turns the virtual into a membrane to interface people, and habitats, across three continents. Interweaving virtual architectures and socio-cultural patterns, atmospheres and soils, cosmology and micro-organisms, quantum physics and Lucretius’ philosophical poem ‘De Rerum Natura,’ biofeedback and poetic fictions, PLANETARY SKINS materializes a sensual experience of digital and corporeal presences.
From the interaction of these perspectives, which resonate and react to phenomena caused by technological developments, social upheavals, and ecological crises, an imagination of collectivity emerges that points beyond purely human forms of communality: aren’t we all radical matter?

Project and Speculative Laboratory
The Future of Demonstration Season 3, an art series
by Sylvia Eckermann, Gerald Nestler.

XR Production: Anna Pompermaier & Cenk Güzelis (./studio3). Soundscape, composition: Volkmar Klien. Choir: Wientaler Dreigesang. MC: Carmen Lael Hines. Performer: Martha Laschkolnig. Biofeedback: Markus Passecker. Voice over: Anna Mendelssohn. With: Vera Bühlmann, Thomas Feuerstein, Johnny Golding, Barbara Imhof, Marian Kaiser, Manu Luksch, Mukenge/Schellhammer, Thomas Nail, Tanja Traxler.
Co-producer: Maximilian Thoman. Production assistant: Rémi Deymier. Sound technician: Philipp Engel. Kinect: Mehmet Ali Çak?r, Ömer Gürel. Photos: Michael Schwieger. Displays: Bela Eckermann.