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Leo Zogmayer

"Naked Frames"

 28.09. - 04.11.03


Vernissage: am Samstag, dem 27. September 2003, um 19:30 Uhr

Leo Zogmayer produces "naked, icon-less frames", i.e. open, empty pictures. With this, he puts Kasimir Malevich's saying to a radical extreme, who – 90 years ago - called his radical, abstract paintings "naked, frame-less icons".

Leo Zogmayer: "My frames are a counterpoint to the pictures that surround us, that assail us permanently, and that we carry with us in our heads." Zogmayer creates paradox non-pictures that do not patronize the onlooker, that do not confront him/her with a ready subject. The irritation that his objects trigger, are meant to break up the hackneyed patterns of perception.

No doubt, this is a central element of all art. Whenever such "transmitters" are placed in a public space, i.e. outside the conventional locations for art, such as galleries, museums, etc., they act like acupuncture pricks in the respective social environment.

One of six frames that have been mounted in the summer of 2003 in and around Krems, 80 km to the west of Vienna, Austria.Galerie Ernst Hilger is opening an exhibition at artlab, Dorotheergasse 12, A-1010 Vienna, on 27 September 2003, showing new works by Leo Zogmayer.

This year, Galerie Ernst Hilger will also show his works at the international art fairs ART COLOGNE 03 and Art Basel Miami Beach 03.